About LPC

What are the Line People Comics About, Anyhoo?


The Line People Comics is an action/comedy webcomic that is styled after a mix between silver-age comics and Looney Tunes. The Line People Comics follow the zany adventures of the super tag team of Super Line Man and Batline as they defend the metropolis of Line Peopleville from all sorts of crime and danger.

The Line People Comics, LPC for short, is created and produced singlehandedly by yours truly, Matthew Rakas. In fact, I produce everything LPC-related singlehadedly. So while I intend to update this website with the latest & greatest LPC pages once weekly, updates tend to occur less often. This is in part due me developing website updates (like this About page) or other projects in addition to comic production. But I try to announce the latest LPC news on social media as soon as I have something concrete to announce.

The Origin Story:

I created the Line People Comics sometime in the spring of 1998 - 20 years ago already - when I started doodling around my middle school math notes during lunch. Those very first doodles weren't even in comic strip form, they just depicted Super Line Man defending the Line People from the Line Alien, who had stolen the number 126 (because, math notes). After a few more doodles, Super Line Man was later replaced by Batline (factoid: the two heroes we know & love today didn't team up to form the Super Duo until LPC #5). Then, I was bored one day I wanted to draw something. But not knowing what to draw, and always being drawn to super hero stories (heh - "drawn" - see what I did there?), I decided to turn my Line People doodles into the Line People Comics.

Even though my family were (and still are) the only people who have read my original childhood Line People Comics, I decided to keep drawing LPC for as long as drawing was a hobby of mine and as long as I had ideas for LPC. At first, my 11 year-old self thought that LPC #6 was going to be the last issue. Then issue #10 or #11. But less than a year after I first drew the Line People in comic strip form, I had already completed 32, with many more ideas already planned! By time I stopped drawing for a while in my late high school/early college years, I completed over 200 issues, with some help from my siblings and cousins, and including spin-off comics that I never liked nearly as much as the Line People!

The "Reboot":

During my later college years, I discovered webcomics and began wondering how I would go about "rebooting" the Line People Comics to introduce to the public. I say reboot because the childhood comics I maded didn't realy have a story, they were just 2-6 page comic strips about how either the Line People themselves or an event they were attending get attacked by the bad guy, then the Super Duo show up and defeat said bad guy. Coincidentally, around this time one of my cousins suggested I turn the Line People Comics into webcomics. And since I'm a web developer by trade, I could build a website for the comic myself and use the website as a programming playground for me to learn new skills in the process.

So in 2010, I began creating the webcomics that you read on this website completed LPC webcomic issue #1-11 over the next year. The only problem was that I needed the time to develop the website AND produce the comic pages. Well, thanks to a college friend who allowed me to co-script 3 Wishes here on SmackJeeves for while, I discoved the SmackJeeves webcomic hosting platform. Aside from using *ugh* *shutter* themes, that solved the web development problem for a while. So in 2012, the Line People *web* Comics officially launched and the rest is history! Well, until more LPC history is made anyway.

If you stuck around reading this web page for this long, then you'll really enjoy the actual Line People comic pages! They're much better than the LPC history! And thank you to everyone who has read, collaborated, enjoyed, and shared the Line People Comics since 1998!
Much Awesomeness!